Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

Shawn and I got together again to do another Trail Tales: ARP episode! If you've been struggling and dealing with one issue or setback after another, then consider listening to this episode. I share about not fun things that have popped up in my life and how they've impacted my running and racing. - Including … Continue reading Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

To Hell & Back, Women’s Unsupported FKT

Stats 52.75 miles16:25:57Avg pace 18:42 min/miBest mi 13:13 min/miElevation gain 8442 ftElevation loss 8337 ft Watch the run on YouTube Gear • MS Force headlamp (became useless. The light dimmed by the time I finished even though it had fresh batteries. I did have backup batteries) • Kogalla light (best thing I packed) • 2 … Continue reading To Hell & Back, Women’s Unsupported FKT

Chat About Runner’s Body Image and Positivity

As runners, we need to make sure that we're protecting our body image and promoting body positivity. Acknowledge that all of our bodies are different, setting aside judgments, opinions, and expectations of what our body should look like as runners. Know that all of our bodies are incredible and capable of so much. They can … Continue reading Chat About Runner’s Body Image and Positivity

Bada$$ Mother Runner

How do I find the time to run, workout, and race while being a mom? What's it like? Mamas (and everyone), it comes down to loving what you do and the process of doing it. To me, ultrarunning is a lifestyle. It's valuable, there's a lot of meaning behind it. [To see why I run, … Continue reading Bada$$ Mother Runner

How I Prevail

Everyday, I strive to give my 100%. Ultramarathon trainingParentingBeing an awesome wifeRunning my businessCaring about othersConnecting with GodGrowthLearningUnderstandingSelf-care When I can't give 100%. I restI reset however I need toI reflectFeel whatever I need to feelTry to figure out what went wrong, if anythingGrowthLearningUnderstandingTry not to be so hard on myselfTry to accept the advice … Continue reading How I Prevail


My YouTube channel is full of short clips from running trails and ultramarathons. I also treat the channel like a vlog, sharing about more personal details along the way. "Like" the videos to help other runners find them and "subscribe," so that you can learn about what's going on in my neck of the woods. … Continue reading YouTube

Reasons Why I Run: digging deep

As runners, we're all asked why we run or why we run so much. When we're on a long run and in the pain cave, we ask ourselves the same questions. - "Aghhh, I've been out here for 30 miles and I still have 20 more to go! WHY am I doing this?!" I have … Continue reading Reasons Why I Run: digging deep

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000 km & 2000 km

About GVRAT The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (GVRAT) was an impressive event put on by Laz, Steve "durb," Terri, Bad Mike, Sandra, and Naresh. The goal was to bring runners together virtually during the time of the Coronavirus. The event took place May 1st to Aug 31st. It would be a summer full of … Continue reading The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000 km & 2000 km

Fastest Known Time, Gerard Hiking Trail

This is my official report for Fastest Known Time The run happened on 09/05/2020 Shannon Mick, Women's Unsupported, Gerard Hiking Trail Results 32.92 miElapsed time 08:15:0215:03 min/miBest mi 11:22 min/miFastest pace 6:41 min/miElevation gain 5591 ftDescent 5486 ft Route description and significance The Gerard Hiking Trail is in Oil Creek State Park, home of the … Continue reading Fastest Known Time, Gerard Hiking Trail

Ultramarathon While Pregnant?

Hello, ultrarunning women!!! I'm writing this blog because there isn't much information covering the topic of ultrarunning during pregnancy. I've had friends reach out to me with questions because they're either expecting or are curious. When I was pregnant, I experienced all the niggles and anxiety of wanting answers, but I couldn't find them! I … Continue reading Ultramarathon While Pregnant?