When Your Run Coach Texts You

When my run coach, Kyle Kranz, text me one morning "Enjoy the hill workout today! Plugged in three half mile moderate grinds up a good hill, hope you enjoy it :-)" I made sure I got it done and enjoyed it. The workout Run: Strength EnduranceEZ 1-2 miles3 x half mile moderate uphill + jog/walk … Continue reading When Your Run Coach Texts You

Bada$$ Mother Runner

How do I find the time to run, workout, and race while being a mom? What's it like? Mamas (and everyone), it comes down to loving what you do and the process of doing it. To me, ultrarunning is a lifestyle. It's valuable, there's a lot of meaning behind it. [To see why I run, … Continue reading Bada$$ Mother Runner

One Way for Runners to Stay Motivated

Stay driven to reach your goals There are many ways to stay motivated as a runner, but I'm only going to talk about one way, and I'm going to talk about it from a professional mental health counselor perspective. This short article isn't a therapy service, but it is a tip. I explain this tip … Continue reading One Way for Runners to Stay Motivated