Mindfulness Walk Activity

Mindfulness and walking are highly beneficial to your mental health, especially when you do them routinely. Try combining them! Go on a walk. You can walk inside (yes, it still works) or outside, done alone, while walking the dog, or with another person. – just don’t have a conversation with the other person while doing … Continue reading Mindfulness Walk Activity

Ultrarunner Talks Body Image – Player Development

Isaiah interviews athletes and coaches, and was looking for a runner to interview, so he reached out when saw that I might be able to help. Isaiah, professional counselor, host of Player Development Podcast, and professional athlete Isaiah Isaiah is a professional counselor, personal coach, and professional athlete (Triangle Shooters), supporting people in Virginia. As … Continue reading Ultrarunner Talks Body Image – Player Development

Stop Soldier Suicide: Miles for Mike

https://youtu.be/9P3V3PFVKTc I'm joining my friend, Chris, and several other runners across the nation to help raise awareness and funds to Stop Soldier Suicide. We're logging miles for Mike. Miles for Mike helps raise awareness and money in the fight against Veteran Suicide. Mike and Chris grew up outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. While Mike was 18- … Continue reading Stop Soldier Suicide: Miles for Mike