Stop Soldier Suicide: Miles for Mike

I’m joining my friend, Chris, and several other runners across the nation to help raise awareness and funds to Stop Soldier Suicide. We’re logging miles for Mike.

Miles for Mike helps raise awareness and money in the fight against Veteran Suicide.

Mike and Chris grew up outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. While Mike was 18- months younger than Chris, Chris always thought of him as a big brother.

Mike was a talented high school wrestler and left for the Navy after graduation. He did his basic training at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. He attended secondary school in Memphis and was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, while serving abroad the USS Enterprise.

Following the Navy, he started his own business, Stephen’s Tile and Stone, and was a gifted artist. His work was featured in magazines and no matter how big or small the job, a customer always got his absolute best effort.

Mike was an avid mountain climber.

Mike passed away in 2017. Chris started officially doing Miles for Mike in 2018, when he asked the Twitter running community to join him by tagging their runs with #milesformike

Since then, hundreds have completed efforts for Mike, including numerous 22-mile runs. Chris is thankful for the efforts.

Chris is proud to partner with Stop Soldier Suicide on various running challenges and online campaigns. He offers Miles for Mike shirts featuring the Stop Soldier Suicide logo at

All proceeds are donated to SSS.

You can tag Chris on social media or use the hashtag #milesformike

Follow on social media:

Instagram: @miles_for_mike_22
Twitter: @run_baldbeard
Facebook page:

If this speaks to you and is something that you want to get involved in, log some miles for Mike and to raise awareness for Veteran suicide. Follow Chris and Stop Soldier Suicide on social media.


Find suicide prevention information and resources that I’ve put together over time at

Stop Soldier Suicide: Miles for Mike


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Let’s keep going.

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  • What might you do if you encounter a problem during a race.

  • Building trust with yourself.

  • Improving self-care, self-esteem, and self-compassion.

  • Knowing when to push yourself and when to be kinder to yourself.

  • Why’s and meaning behind what you do. Passion. Using that as support and drive.

  • On top of talking, I do provide resources and homework.

Phew!!! … I hope that this paints a picture of the good stuff that we can cover.

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