The Scarecrow Runner Podcast: Marathons, ultras, mindset, and stories

It is pretty great how many inspirational runners are podcasters. Many of them are seasoned with experience in the sport and are professionals in the field, like dieticians, nutritionists, and coaches.

We’re blessed to have this community and that these runner podcasters spend their time, even if podcasting is just a passion project, to connect with us, share stories, and pass valuable information onto us.

I’m lucky to have several connections to runners (mostly, about 95%, being trail and ultrarunners) who are podcasters.

Anthony Gilbert, AKA the Scarecrow Runner, and I have followed each other on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for a few years. Anthony’s podcast is called The Scarecrow Runner. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I encourage you to.

Anthony is a Christian, endurance athlete, 100 miler, husband, father of 4, storm geek, disc golfer, renovation enthusiast, vlogger, and podcaster.

Listen to our episode below and learn more about Anthony.

Listen here!

Shannon Mick – Be Short Run Ultra | Scarecrow Runner Podcast | Episode 80

When I’m interviewed on a podcast, I seize the opportunity to get to know the host a little more because it’s uncommon that we get to connect in a way that’s not through social media. We don’t all attend the same races, so I take advantage of the connection and conduct a mini interview with them. I ask about their show and give them the opportunity to share some interesting or fun about themselves.

This shirt looks familiar 😉

How did your podcast get started and what is your mission for it?

My podcast started right as the pandemic began. As that grew more prominent it became a passion project.

I started it as an outlet and to grow my network and passion to talk running with others. My mission began as just an opportunity to talk running and anything in general with others and not just runners. As it has evolved I have changed the format to capture more of what others experience and how they overcome to encourage others.

Where can people listen to your podcast? 

You can find it on just about any streaming app from iTunes to Pandora to Podbean.

What’s your favorite race and why?

My favorite race was the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd 100 mile ultra. It is my favorite because it’s in a beautiful location in NE OK. I conquered the distance and earned my buckle.

What’s your go-to mantra or piece of advice to keep going when you’re experiencing a low point during a race and want to stop?

We can do all things especially the rough and tough things if we just buckle down and push through. To get out of our own head and grind. Run the mile you are in and don’t try to tackle the whole distance at once. I would encourage someone to find their why and think about that when they are running.

What’s something interesting, fun, or whatever you’d like people to know about you?

I have been running since I was 5 years old off and on. I’ve run every distance from the 400 meter to 100 miles. My favorite race distance has been the half marathon.

I was born and raised in Kansas and that’s where the scarecrow aspect comes from.

Basketball was my first love and college basketball is my favorite sport to watch.

Something else is that I love storms and following severe weather. I witnessed a tornado on my first ever chase with a storm chaser friend of mine in 2013. It’s a rush and a past time for us in the spring time.

Follow Anthony’s inspiring journey




Podcasts (it is hard to keep an updated list, but here’s what I got)

[Mostly] Trail & Ultra Running Podcasts

Mindset and mental wellness articles and resources

Listen here!

Shannon Mick – Be Short Run Ultra | Scarecrow Runner Podcast | Episode 80

I am an ambassador for Athletic Brewing Company, but their non-alcoholic brews stand out compared to other brewery’s non-alcoholic options, like Sam Adams, Just the Haze (though I do like their beer). Athletic Brewing carefully crafts each of their non-alcoholic brews.

After a recent run club event, I took a cooler full of Athletic Brewing beers to share. Many times, we go to a brewery afterwards, we like beer. One of my friends has never tried Athletic Brewing, so he was unsure if he’d like it. Once he contemplated, he grabbed a Run Wild IPA, cracked it open, and tasted it. He said, “mmm, it tastes like real beer.” I responded that I was glad that he liked it and that it is hard to tell that it is non-alcoholic. It is good stuff.

Athletic Brewing Company got their start in Stratford, CT. After that brewery was highly successful, they opened a second location in San Diego, CA.

This particular run event was at a state park, so alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed. Athletic Brewing was the perfect post-run treat to take and share with friends.

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