How Do You get Pumped Up to Race?

Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more mindset and mental wellness tips We all have that zone that we need to get into either when we're doing a difficult training workout or racing.. what do you do to get there? Answers are going to vary from person to person, there … Continue reading How Do You get Pumped Up to Race?

Race Start Mindset and Strategy

Endurance racers, how do you feel at the start line of your race? Are you filled with excitement and gratitude or do you find yourself feeling nervous? Some nervousness is natural, you want to perform well, which can be a "positive stress". Your race start mindset and strategy is key, it helps set the tone … Continue reading Race Start Mindset and Strategy

Plant-Based Running Coach

Plant-based running coach Kyle Kranz review. Visit Kyle's informative YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Coach Kyle is professional, provides a high quality run coaching service, and is a kind person. Learn more about Kyle's services at


Let's connect on Strava! I started my account in April of 2021 to participate in Badwater 267 VR Elite, which was a virtual race where we had 16 days to complete 267 miles. Strava helped with verifying everyone's stats. I really didn't need another running social media account, this is similar to not needing another … Continue reading Strava

Simple Advice to New Runners Preparing for their First Marathon

Do you want to begin training for a marathon, but aren't sure where to start? Here's my simple advice to you. While doing your research, keep in mind that there's misinformation, bad advice, and myths about preparation and running. This article covers training basics and footwear. All of the things on this short list, I've … Continue reading Simple Advice to New Runners Preparing for their First Marathon