Badwater 267 VR Race Report (2022)

What is Badwater 267 VR? The Badwater 267 Virtual Race is a virtual combination of running Badwater Cape Fear, Salton Sea and 135. Learn about the experience, here. Here's my 267 Mile journey Badwater 267 VR, 01/01/2022, Day 1, Run 1 A perfect run in the rain, very therapeutic. 54° F. My husband got some … Continue reading Badwater 267 VR Race Report (2022)


Let's connect on Strava! I started my account in April of 2021 to participate in Badwater 267 VR Elite, which was a virtual race where we had 16 days to complete 267 miles. Strava helped with verifying everyone's stats. I really didn't need another running social media account, this is similar to not needing another … Continue reading Strava