Badwater 267 VR Race Report (2022)

What is Badwater 267 VR?

The Badwater 267 Virtual Race is a virtual combination of running Badwater Cape Fear, Salton Sea and 135. Learn about the experience, here.

Here’s my 267 Mile journey

Badwater 267 VR, 01/01/2022, Day 1, Run 1

A perfect run in the rain, very therapeutic. 54° F. My husband got some of his miles by hiking with our daughter on a similar path. I stopped to talk to a turtle and picked up a deer skull to decorate my office with. I ran the final mile with the skull sticking part way up out of my rain jacket. The skull’s name is Gumby because this is a Badwater race. Epic way to start the year. *Edit* the skull’s name is Pokey, seems more appropriate.

10.09 mi
11:59 min/mi
Elapsed time 2:00:59
Elevation gain 656 ft

YT video link (see playlist: Badwater 267 VR (2022):

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Badwater 267 VR, Day 2, Run 2, EZ mixed intensity

Awesome, EZ treadmill run. Stayed flat. Had some of my favorite things for running on the treadmill. Chocolate protein drink, Altras, and interesting outdoors YouTube channels. Weather outside was 31° F, dark, and drizzle.
I hope you enjoyed my video. Treadmill runs don’t have to be boring, grab some of your favorite things!!

Links to the products that I like having for a treadmill run (just for fun, not promotion!):

Blender Bottle

Orgain Organic Protein (vegan)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Altra Running shoes, Escalante

Badwater 267 VR, Day 3, Run 3, EZ with Half Mile Intervals

Variety is king and I love my Altras ❤ I wore the Vanish shoes (Altra no longer makes them) for the first 6 mi. They’re not the most comfortable, but I like them because they’re so minimal and I love the red. Then, switched to a cushioned shoe, the Rivera, to finish out the run. Day and night difference. I could have kept running because the Rivera felt comfy, but I was out of time. It’s a frigid day, 21° F.

10.03 mi
10:54 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:49:23

Badwater 267 VR, Day 4, Run 4 (part one)

Treadmill run with mixed intensity and a little incline. Still kept EZ effort. Watched Girl in the Woods on YouTube. Got pretty hungry, it was dinner time  :p

4.30 mi
11:28 min/mi
Elapsed time 49:22

Vegan Thanksgiving

Badwater 267 VR, Day 4, Run 5 (part two)

Hopped right back onto the treadmill post vegan roast dinner. It felt good to be fully fueled. Kept with the goal of mixed intensity and some incline.

6.03 mi
10:45 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:04:54

Badwater 267 VR, Day 5, Run 6, Sunny Trail Run

What a gorgeous day for a run! 45° F. Windy. At mile 2-ish, I crossed a stream, cleaning off my muddy King MTs. Mud and leaves made the trail slippery. I saw 2 deer, birds and ducks. Rolling hills and beautiful scenery. I saw one person. He was getting ready to fish. He gave me a thumbs up and told me to run some for him. I told him that I would, lol. Listened to music that I haven’t listened to in years, like Fall Out Boy and Walk the Moon. I only listened to their most popular songs. Didn’t listen to music the entire run, though.

Trail run 10.08 mi
12:59 min/mi
Elapsed time 2:10:57
Elevation gain 965 ft

Badwater 267 VR, Day 6, Run 7

All I had time for, which is better than nothing  :/  Also, we are getting snow dumped on us.

Treadmill run 4.24 mi
11:26 min/mi
Elapsed time 48:35

Badwater 267 VR, Day 6, Run 8

Second run of the day, finished up at 10:45 PM. Besides tired, I feel good. Used this time to reflect on how things are going for me, being grateful, and trying to not worry about things that I can’t control. I started out watching a tiny house show on YouTube, but decided after one, I needed music to help with leg turnover. YouTube suggested bands that I haven’t listened to since high school. A sweet throwback. Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Bowling for Soup, and The All-American Rejects.

Treadmill run 6.03 miles
11:16 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:08:01

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Check out Shannon Be Short Run Ultra on Strava

Badwater 267 VR, Day 7, Run 9

On the usual “mom duty” and my run is during nap time. At least I had time for 3. We got snow. It’s 21° F. I found a new YouTube channel, Josh Keck. Another ultrarunner.

Here’s the link to his channel if you want to see.

Run felt good. Ember suggested that we had a banana.

Treadmill run 3.29 mi
11:43 min/mi
Elapsed time 38:37

Badwater 267 VR, Day 7, Run 10

Today is a suggested “rest day” (I also have strength work  🙂  ). I haven’t mentioned yet, but my husband has been sick since Monday (day 3), no fever or anything wild, but I started feeling it as I was cleaning the kitchen after that first run today.

Depending on my goals, I might still run when I’m sick. Was feeling hot/cold, cough, sniffles, tired. I ran anyways and didn’t feel any of that! I decided on 2 miles to give me a total of 5. So happy I ran more.

I finished watching Josh K’s Cloudsplitter 100 video. I don’t know about that race.

Article I wrote on pushing through mental struggles while running or training (3 strategies that can help day-to-day with practice):

Treadmill run 2.35 mi
11:29 min/mi
Elapsed time 26:59

Badwater 267 VR, Day 8, Run 11

I’m pretty sick, but I really wanted to do my miles. A bug or small flu. As long as I felt “okay”, I would keep going. Run zen made things better, at least temporarily.

No entertainment, even though I had my computer. Just me and my mind.

Treadmill run 10.04 mi
11:22 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:54:16
Stayed flat and an EZ pace

Badwater 267 VR, Day 9, Run 12

Just 3 miles, it felt ridiculously short, but I’m still really sick, so short was in order. Running itself felt good.

Treadmill run 3.03 mi
11:28 min/mi
Elapsed time 34:46

Badwater 267 VR, Day 10, Run 13

Walk on the treadmill while I responded to a few questions that a young woman had about counseling programs here in the states, along with specific focus. She’s planning on coming over from Singapore to become a licensed professional counselor. I feel like I wrote a book because I love the topic so much!

Walk 3.21 mi
25:08 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:20:43

Badwater 267 VR, Day 10, Run 14

I’m feeling better today, still not 100%, maybe 60-70%. Wearing two sweatshirts and a pair of sweatpants because I’ve been hot and cold. Feels better with two layers. Tried to sweat it out again, but it didn’t happen. Still have the coughs and a runny/stuffy nose. My coughing is mostly caused by phlegm. Called my mom while running. Talks with her are the greatest!! Watched Rosser Runs (Brian Rosser) YouTube channel. He has a playlist about training for Worlds End 100k, a very rocky and rooty race. I’m looking forward to following his preparation as that’s one of my bucket races.

Worlds End 100k Training Series EP. 01

7.04 mi
11:33 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:21:18

Badwater 267 VR, Day 11, Run 15

Treadmill walk 4.09 mi
24:43 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:41:10

Still sick and worked while I walked. Dizzy.

Badwater 267 VR, Day 12, Run 16: Walk. Still Sick. Still Dizzy.

Treadmill walk 3.41 mi
24:41 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:24:22

Badwater 267 VR, Day 13, Run 17

Still sick, less dizzy, nose/head problems, run was okay, got something in.

Treadmill run 4.14 mi
12:05 min/mi
Elapsed time 50:03

Badwater 267 VR, Day 14, Run 18

All I had time for.
Feeling 90%

1.72 mi
11:29 min/mi
Elapsed time 19:46

Badwater 267 VR, Day 14, Run 19

Pretty good run. I’ve been watching videos on indoor gardening, mostly growing vegetables and herbs. I’ve had little luck in the past growing stuff in my yard due to soil and animals, so I decided that I’m going to try having indoor/outdoor pots. What do you like to learn about when you run?

Treadmill run 9.07 mi
11:25 min/mi

Badwater 267 VR, Day 15, Run 20

Really good run, feeling happy.

Treadmill run 10.17 mi
10:46 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:49:32

Badwater 267 VR, Day 16, Run 21

Another day, another 10 miles! Running consistently is the perfect example of habit building.

This run went by quickly (they usually do), especially when you’re having fun and feel good. I started out with music and shooting some video, but my phone decided around mile 2 that it’s getting old and dropped to 11% battery life. I turned off my music and tucked my phone and headphones away until mile 9 and 10.

A few people were out walking. I did part trail and part road, avoiding the hustle of town. 29° F and windy. A snow storm was blowing in. It was flurrying by mile 9.

When I was listening to music, I was relating the lyrics to the run. Do you ever do that?

Run 10.25 mi
10:44 min/mi
Best mi 9:55
Elapsed time 1:50:02
Elevation gain 561 ft

Badwater 267 VR, Day 17, Run 22

I watched YouTube videos on my most favorite topic… ultrarunning, but I know you knew that. I watched Dan, the Ultra Dad’s most recent video. Then, I watched 2022 Goals with Sally McRae and Jason Koop on Billy Yang’s podcast.

Ultra Dad

Sally McRae and Jason Koop

Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching

This evening, I’m going to be on a podcast called The Dream Big Podcast. It’s with a mattress company out of Colorado, but they’re about way more than mattresses. Wish me luck, I’m not sure what all we’re going to talk about, I’m not nervous. I’m guessing running and sleep.

So hungry. Time to eat again!

By the way, we got 6-12 inches of snow.

Treadmill run 10.08 mi
10:55 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:50:06

My #badwater267vr progress: Since Jan 1st, I’ve ran 132.63 mi. 134.37 mi left to go until the end of the race. This month ends in 14 days. That’s 9.6 mi per day. Very do-able. Will probably do more.

Badwater 267 VR, Day 18, Run 23

Felt so good. Just zoned out and thought about how much I love running. More later, this was during my daughter’s nap.

8.17 mi
11:28 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:33:38

Badwater 267 VR, Day 18, Run 24

Second run of the day, it went well.

6.06 mi
10:47 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:05:25

Badwater 267 VR, Day 19, Run 25

My daughter had a nice long nap! Stay-at-home parents who have a baby or toddler, you might relate, feeling that if you check the baby monitor you will jinx your run and your child will wake up. It’s like they know you’re watching them and wake up, then your run is over.

Watched Kerry Ward’s YouTube channel. I’ve been following him for a few years, would love to run into him someday. @kerryward

First 200 Miler – Pacing the Bigfoot 200 Mile Endurance Race – Ultra with Dax Hock

Ultra Zombie Babysitting – Pacing Mike McKnight on his 500 Mile Colorado FKT Attempt

10.04 mi
11:41 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:57:18

Day 22, Run 29

A simple mental strategy for going further when you feel like quitting a long run or ride is to… visit article to continue. The most important part of the strategy is in the article.

Full video on YouTube

Day 23, Run 30

Stuck with the traditional EZ 10. Mentally visualizing how I’m going to prioritize and work on blogs. It’s a lot of planning.

10.02 mi
11:33 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:55:02

Two of the articles that I mentioned went live, here are the links

Article on Simple Mental Strategy for Completing Your Miles When You Feel Like Quitting

General Care Practitioners are Not Mental Health Professionals

Day 28, Run 33

First run of the day, it went by fast. Was during daughter’s nap.

8.04 mi
11:45 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:34:39

Day 28, Run 34

Fantastic little run.

4.04 mi
11:37 min/mi
Elapsed time 47:00

Run. Thrive. Survive. Podcast

Badwater 267 VR, Day 31, Run 38 -FINISHED-

8 miles went by fast! I watch some home organizing videos on YouTube and talked with Stephen. He was walking on his desk treadmill working on his race miles. I’m feeling good after all of those miles, I started feeling tired with four days left. I’m okay with using the treadmill more than expected. Most days were snowy and below freezing. Even being in the garage where my treadmill is located was cold.

Congrats to everyone’s accomplishments during this virtual race, I enjoyed your photos. Thanks to Chris Kostman for all of his hard work and coordinating everything.

I recommend Badwater 267 VR (especially the Elite version) because of the adventures you have completing 267 miles in a month, comradery with the other participants (some new to Badwater and some veterans), and the fun of virtually navigating Cape Fear, Salton Sea and 135.

8.03 mi
13:27 min/mi
Elapsed time 1:48:04

Medal and swag


Thanks to Chris Kostman for crafting this experience. Thanks to my husband and parents for helping with the little one, so I could run. Thanks, everyone for reading and your support!

My Badwater 267 VR Elite Race Report (2021)

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