BADWATER 135 Crewing, Pacing and Adventure Photo Gallery (2021)

Attending The World’s Toughest Footrace was truly a special experience, so I wanted to make it a part of my blog. Words can’t express how incredible this trip was for me. I got to see friends and make new ones. I finally got to be a part of a race that I heard my friends talk about year after year.

Running with my friend, Beth, through Death Valley was challenging and beautiful. I’m blessed that she wanted me to pace and be a part of her crew. She wanted a girl on her team and knew that someday I wanted to do the race, too. I paced her for about 32 miles total, some during the night and some during the day. The temperature was about 90 degrees fahrenheit during the night and 120 during the day.

Badwater 135 is an incredible event. It’s high quality and challenges 100 of the world’s best ultrarunners every year. Visit the Badwater website to learn more about this race and Adventure Corp’s other events.

Being in Death Valley is special in itself. At night, I could see every star. This is something that I’m not used to, it was breathtaking. While running with Beth the second night, we saw animal eyes watching us. During the day, I was admiring the uniqueness of the desert landscape and how the rocks were formed into interesting shapes.

Visit my YouTube channel to watch the clips I took at Badwater 135. I have eight short videos. Please, like, subscribe and share my content while you’re there. Thanks in advance!

These are a few (out of about 200) of my favorite pictures from Badwater 135, I hope you enjoy them. Taken with my cell phone, unless it was too hot and didn’t work. Some shots were taken by the guys in our crew. Andy had a really nice camera. The pictures are somewhat in the order that they happened. They don’t do this race justice, I will absolutely return in the future.

To Beth, Andy, Jean, and Derek, it was great to spend these days with you all and to get to know you. What an incredible time.

Maurice @marathonpandamaurice on Instagram. This is the first time we met in person, we’ve followed each other online for quite some time 🙂
Me and Beth
Badwater Basin
Crew: Derek, Andy, Jean, Beth, Craig, Me
Sea level sign
Racer check-in
Beth, Chris Kostman and Gumby
Shot with the thermometer
2021 racers
The short crew. Small, but mighty
Sandy and I. She’s bada$$ and one of the many ultra women that I look up to. She was BW135 champion in 2017 and has the GWR3126
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
All of the racers at the start line
Dust storm (haboob) at race start
There she goes!
Heading into Lone Pine
Getting ready to head up the switchbacks
Heading up Mount Whitney Portal Road
Looking back at our journey
Heading up to Mount Whitney Portal
Coming into the finish!
Chris taking our picture
She did it!
Waterfall at the Mount Whitney Portal
Having fun running down Mount Whitney Portal Road
With Julie
One last picture before heading to the airport

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