When Your Run Coach Texts You

When my run coach, Kyle Kranz, text me one morning

“Enjoy the hill workout today! Plugged in three half mile moderate grinds up a good hill, hope you enjoy it :-)” I made sure I got it done and enjoyed it.

The workout

Run: Strength Endurance
EZ 1-2 miles
3 x half mile moderate uphill + jog/walk back down (I run)
EZ 1-2 mile cooldown
Strength, Core X, 5:00

— I missed yesterday’s prescribed workout, I got in 1 out of 6 miles and did the strength work, and I’ve been inconsistent on previous days.

Prescribed runs and workouts that fit my busy life as a mom, business owner and wife

In my case, when you get a text and know you’ve been inconsistent, you know you better get your crap together and do your workout, lol. It’s a great motivator for me and is helpful. From time to time, I get an “enjoy your run!” message, which is nice. But a tiny kick in the butt text works.

It has been harder lately to get in full runs and workouts, I find myself trying to make up for missed things because of family / work and finding balance. Having a two year old is highly unpredictable and I have more nights of not sleeping in a bed than sleeping in a bed since getting home from Badwater 135 in JULY! But I remind myself this is temporary and I do what I can, though I hate missing runs. – Running is also a part of my self-care.

Coach Kyle is awesome when it comes to understanding and motivating. He designs the prescribed workouts and schedule to fit my crazy life, not I have to fit a program. Though, it is key to follow what he schedules.

I trust the process and effort, and I trust my coach, and I know that I will be well prepared for Oil Creek 100.

Thanks, Kyle, I love tough workouts and needed that text.

Friends, if you’re reading this and it sounds like good stuff, you’re plant-based or thinking about going plant-based, and are looking for a run coach, contact Kyle for a quick chat. Subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel, too.

Happy running!

The not steep part of my half mile hill for hills repeats

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