Power of Words to Heal

https://youtu.be/kwtqkMEEibI By Eric Deeter Your thoughts and words can help your body heal. On the other hand, they can also slow down and hinder your recovery. The good news is that you can choose your thoughts and your words to help your body heal. If you are a runner, the odds are not in your … Continue reading Power of Words to Heal

“Finish Stronger”

Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching logo I came up with the name Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching (I am also the owner of Finish Stronger Counseling) from my experience and passion for running. To "finish stronger" means to end the session better than when it began. Whether it is a race, training session or a mindset coaching … Continue reading “Finish Stronger”

Athlete Strength and Weakness Inventory Worksheet

Worksheet for identifying strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. Think about your strengths and weaknesses in the following areas and record them in the chart. While you are writing, notice things like whether you're being overly critical (negative self-talk) on yourself for weaknesses and needing to identify more strengths. Weaknesses are opportunities for learning and … Continue reading Athlete Strength and Weakness Inventory Worksheet


We all experience scary events, some are traumatic, terrifying, and shake us to our core. If it was a traumatic event, it literally reshapes both body and brain. A small way to address this reaction is to change your relationship or the way that you think about the traumatic event. Trauma can be treated a number of … Continue reading HOW I RESHAPED MY RELATIONSHIP TO MY LIFE-THREATENING ENCOUNTER WITH A COUGAR (Part 2)

When Your Run Coach Texts You

When my run coach, Kyle Kranz, text me one morning "Enjoy the hill workout today! Plugged in three half mile moderate grinds up a good hill, hope you enjoy it :-)" I made sure I got it done and enjoyed it. The workout Run: Strength EnduranceEZ 1-2 miles3 x half mile moderate uphill + jog/walk … Continue reading When Your Run Coach Texts You

1% Better Habits & Goals

1%, think about it If we made a small change in our lives every single day, just 1% better, what would our lives look like? How much improvement would we see? How much closer would we be to our goals? We often don't notice tiny changes or progress until they build up over time. We … Continue reading 1% Better Habits & Goals