Plant-Based Running Coach

Plant-based running coach Kyle Kranz review. Visit Kyle's informative YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Coach Kyle is professional, provides a high quality run coaching service, and is a kind person. Learn more about Kyle's services at

When Your Run Coach Texts You

When my run coach, Kyle Kranz, text me one morning "Enjoy the hill workout today! Plugged in three half mile moderate grinds up a good hill, hope you enjoy it :-)" I made sure I got it done and enjoyed it. The workout Run: Strength EnduranceEZ 1-2 miles3 x half mile moderate uphill + jog/walk … Continue reading When Your Run Coach Texts You

Ultramarathon Training Through My Pregnancy

Hi ultra ladies! I want to share my experience with you about how I continued to train through my pregnancy. In my opinion, there isn't enough information on exercising as a pregnant, ultra-endurance athlete. We train and prepare year-round for our events, and we go the extra mile to take care of our bodies. We … Continue reading Ultramarathon Training Through My Pregnancy


My Pinterest boards are full of things that you will find helpful: Outdoor adventure information, hiking, trail running, ultra everything; Plants and gardening ideas for bringing the outdoors indoors; Making our outdoor space friendly towards bees, butterflies and other critters; Environmentally friendly; Children's outdoor; Vegan food; Jeep!; Faith; Quotes; Indoor gym; CrossFit; Rock, heavy rock, … Continue reading Pinterest

Better Than Coffee Bars Review

Hello! These. bars. are. GOOD... when I was asked if I would like to be a BTC bar athlete I was like, "Yes!!" I have found function in these unique bars, which go hand-in-hand with my active lifestyle. I use them a few times per week and have been nomming up this product for close … Continue reading Better Than Coffee Bars Review

About Shannon

Where Dreams Go To Die, Washington, D.C. Hello! I'm Shannon, you may know me by my social media handle, be short run ultra. If you were to meet me out on a trail or at an event, it would be easy to recognize me because I'm petite. There are pros and cons to being my … Continue reading About Shannon