Ultramarathon Training Through My Pregnancy

Hi ultra ladies! I want to share my experience with you about how I continued to train through my pregnancy. In my opinion, there isn't enough information on exercising as a pregnant, ultra-endurance athlete. We train and prepare year-round for our events, and we go the extra mile to take care of our bodies. We … Continue reading Ultramarathon Training Through My Pregnancy

Ultramarathon While Pregnant?

Hello, ultrarunning women!!! I'm writing this blog because there isn't much information covering the topic of ultrarunning during pregnancy. I've had friends reach out to me with questions because they're either expecting or are curious. When I was pregnant, I experienced all the niggles and anxiety of wanting answers, but I couldn't find them! I … Continue reading Ultramarathon While Pregnant?

BADWATER Cape Fear 2019 and 18 Weeks Pregnant (03/16/19)

Location: Cape Fear, Bald Head Island, NC View from the dock of our beach house, Marsh Onward. Marsh Onward Weather: 60° F partly sunny. Light breeze - 15+ mph head wind coming from the north end of the cape. Old Baldy The Course:10 miles of paved roads around the island.1 mile of single track trail … Continue reading BADWATER Cape Fear 2019 and 18 Weeks Pregnant (03/16/19)