Plant-Based Running Coach

In case any friends are looking for a plant-based running coach, thought I’d share a little review with you about mine.

Video chatting

Plant-based running with Kyle Kranz

Coach Kyle’s run coaching has helped me dial into my race preparation, removing the guesswork, and getting me strides closer to my goals. I have gained knowledge about running and how to improve running performance.

Kyle has a fun YouTube channel with information and tips on running. Sometimes I’ll watch his channel while doing my prescribed strength workout.

I’m a mom, wife, small business owner, and ultrarunner. Finding time to prepare for ultramarathons is hard sometimes, especially since a ton of training is involved. His coaching fits around the craziness of my life, while holding me accountable to completing my workouts, especially the key ones.

Coach Kyle is professional, provides a high quality run coaching service, and is a kind person.

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PB&J because fueling on a long run is important.

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