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Visualize How Your Race Training Fits into Your Week for Success

How will your training fit into your week? Have you ever felt disorganized, overwhelmed, and unsure of how you are going to accomplish everything? Training is one of the ways that we learn and become better athletes. It is mandatory for race success. As endurance athletes, where we sometimes struggle when it comes to training…

The Scarecrow Runner Podcast: Marathons, ultras, mindset, and stories

It is pretty great how many inspirational runners are podcasters. Many of them are seasoned with experience in the sport and are professionals in the field, like dieticians, nutritionists, and coaches. We’re blessed to have this community and that these runner podcasters spend their time, even if podcasting is just a passion project, to connect…

Road Dog Podcast: mental wellness and ultrarunning

I was very fortunate to become a guest on Road Dog Podcast and was asked to discuss mental wellness and ultrarunning. It was a fun time! If you are unfamiliar with Road Dog Podcast, this is Luis Escobar (from the popular book Born to Run) and Kevin Lyons’ show. Listen: 243: Shannon Mick Coaches Us…

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