Mindfulness Walk Activity

Mindfulness and walking are highly beneficial to your mental health, especially when you do them routinely. Try combining them! Go on a walk. You can walk inside (yes, it still works) or outside, done alone, while walking the dog, or with another person. – just don’t have a conversation with the other person while doing … Continue reading Mindfulness Walk Activity

When you’re approaching mud on the trail, what do you do? Leave No Trace principals and trail etiquette

When the trail is wet and muddy When you're trail running and you come up on a mud puddle or muddy section, what do you do? Do you go around, stepping off of the trail to avoid it? Do you go through it? Do you leap over it? When people are asked this question, there … Continue reading When you’re approaching mud on the trail, what do you do? Leave No Trace principals and trail etiquette

Old Trees and Stories

Do you marvel at nature? I do, especially at old trees. Pausing to Admire the Complex Details of Older Trees As I was running up a hill, the trees that line the trail caught my eye. With no leaves, you can see all of the characteristics of the trees. The textured bark, the twisted branches, … Continue reading Old Trees and Stories


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My YouTube channel is full of short clips from running trails and ultramarathons. I also treat the channel like a vlog, sharing about more personal details along the way. "Like" the videos to help other runners find them and "subscribe," so that you can learn about what's going on in my neck of the woods. … Continue reading YouTube

The Connoquenessing Valley Heritage Trail

10.82 mile hike with my husband, Stephen, on the Connoquenessing Valley Heritage Trail in PA (10/11/2020). The Connoquenessing Valley Heritage Trail The 9 mile trail circles Harmony, Zelienople, and Jackson Township with sections winding near and some overlooking the Connoquenessing creek. There are also connecting trails and out-and-backs. The terrain varies. There is single track, … Continue reading The Connoquenessing Valley Heritage Trail


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