The Dear Mark Project Podcast with Maria

Maria, the host of The Dear Mark Project Podcast, invited me on to talk about how social media can negatively impact our body image. Most importantly, I talk about how you can improve your relationship with it. I'm a professional mental health counselor, specializing in treating anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders, so body image is … Continue reading The Dear Mark Project Podcast with Maria

The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast with Eric Deeter: Cougars, mantras, and swearing (2022)

My friend, Eric Deeter, invited me back onto his podcast to have a conversation about all sorts of things, from what to do of you encounter a cougar to the advantages of swearing. What a fun episode! Here are a few of the topics we discussed • Strategies for getting through an ultramarathon. We specifically … Continue reading The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast with Eric Deeter: Cougars, mantras, and swearing (2022)

Run. Thrive. Survive. Podcast with Ciara Carter

Ciara Carter, Behavior Health and Fitness Coach, Marathoner, Podcaster Ciara Carter is a Behavior Health and fitness coach focusing on helping people understand their mind and body in action to overcome anxiety and depression while excelling in their lives. Her slogan Run Your Life is focused on being in the best physical and mental state … Continue reading Run. Thrive. Survive. Podcast with Ciara Carter

Badwater 267 VR Race Report (2022)

What is Badwater 267 VR? The Badwater 267 Virtual Race is a virtual combination of running Badwater Cape Fear, Salton Sea and 135. Learn about the experience, here. Here's my 267 Mile journey Badwater 267 VR, 01/01/2022, Day 1, Run 1 A perfect run in the rain, very therapeutic. 54° F. My husband got some … Continue reading Badwater 267 VR Race Report (2022)

The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

Eric Deeter is the mind and voice behind The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast. Eric also blogs about topics like ultramarathons, goals, identity, and motivation. We had the opportunity to get together and chat about ultra stories for an hour, I'm sure we could have talked for much longer, as ultrarunners do, but podcast episodes are typically … Continue reading The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

Shawn and I got together again to do another Trail Tales: ARP episode! If you've been struggling and dealing with one issue or setback after another, then consider listening to this episode. I share about not fun things that have popped up in my life and how they've impacted my running and racing. - Including … Continue reading Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

Trail Tales A Running Podcast

I sat down with Shawn, an ultra-Canadian friend, to talk about ultrarunning, mental health, and how the two connect. We met through LinkedIn and found out that we have a few things in common, like that we both love ultrarunning and that he drives past where I live when he vacations to Florida (which is … Continue reading Trail Tales A Running Podcast

[Mostly] Trail & Ultra Running Podcasts

- - CAUTION - - These podcasts will: motivate, inspire, move you, make you laugh, make you run harder, and maybe make you cry. Some of them have multiple ways to listen (SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, PodBean, Spotify, etc...). Please keep in mind that this list may need updated. Let me know of any trail … Continue reading [Mostly] Trail & Ultra Running Podcasts

Everyday Running Legends and Badwater Month

Everyday Running Legends podcast is based in Melbourne, Australia. The podcast brings runners together as a community and gives them a voice. Runners can connect, share their stories, information, and inspire one another. Brodie Sharpe Brodie Sharpe is the founder and host of the podcast. He created it because of his love for running and … Continue reading Everyday Running Legends and Badwater Month