Run. Thrive. Survive. Podcast with Ciara Carter

Ciara Carter, Behavior Health and Fitness Coach, Marathoner, Podcaster

Ciara Carter is a Behavior Health and fitness coach focusing on helping people understand their mind and body in action to overcome anxiety and depression while excelling in their lives. Her slogan Run Your Life is focused on being in the best physical and mental state you can possibly be to achieve every goal you set for yourself. She realized she loved talking and running, so she started Run Thrive Survive, a podcast for everyday athletes and their mental health. Her love runs deep for the marathon distance, but when she’s not running, you’ll always find her traveling to the mountains looking for another adventure, bothering her cats that are just trying to sleep, or walking on the beach planning the next podcast!

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I was thrilled to be a guest on Run. Thrive. Survive.

Ciara and I connected through a mutual friend, Eric Deeter (Mindset Coach, Ultrarunner, and Podcaster), because we all share the same passions. She kindly invited me to be a guest on her podcast. I enjoy speaking on podcasts, I’ve done a number of them, but they still make me feel nervous. I was happy to get to talk with Ciara and to learn more about what she does.

In our episode, we discuss mental health and running. I shared my professional opinion on what I think should be a requirement that everyone should do for their mental health. I also talked about what telemental health is and about what I do as a professional counselor and mindset coach. We transitioned the conversation to our favorite topic, running. Being a marathoner, Ciara brought up that she was considering running an ultramarathon, a 50k. I think I joked about crawling to the finish line if needed because I can sometimes have a dark sense of humor, but she could totally rock one if she wanted to. I shared a little about my ultrarunning journey, and then Ciara asked if I had a story from an ultra that I could share. With way too many stories to choose from, I picked a more recent event that had a crazy story. My 2020 Laurel Highlands Ultra. I rolled my ankle badly, hallucinated at night, and missed the cutoff time. We had an enjoyable time and it went by so fast.

I hope that you enjoy listening to our episode. Please, check out Ciara’s website and podcast, and reach out to her if you feel that she can help you with anything.


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Thanks for the sticker, Ciara!

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