The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

Eric Deeter is the mind and voice behind The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast. Eric also blogs about topics like ultramarathons, goals, identity, and motivation. We had the opportunity to get together and chat about ultra stories for an hour, I'm sure we could have talked for much longer, as ultrarunners do, but podcast episodes are typically … Continue reading The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

To Hell & Back, Women’s Unsupported FKT

Stats 52.75 miles16:25:57Avg pace 18:42 min/miBest mi 13:13 min/miElevation gain 8442 ftElevation loss 8337 ft Watch the run on YouTube Gear • MS Force headlamp (became useless. The light dimmed by the time I finished even though it had fresh batteries. I did have backup batteries) • Kogalla light (best thing I packed) • 2 … Continue reading To Hell & Back, Women’s Unsupported FKT

Fastest Known Time, Gerard Hiking Trail

This is my official report for Fastest Known Time The run happened on 09/05/2020 Shannon Mick, Women's Unsupported, Gerard Hiking Trail Results 32.92 miElapsed time 08:15:0215:03 min/miBest mi 11:22 min/miFastest pace 6:41 min/miElevation gain 5591 ftDescent 5486 ft Route description and significance The Gerard Hiking Trail is in Oil Creek State Park, home of the … Continue reading Fastest Known Time, Gerard Hiking Trail