Old Trees and Stories

Do you marvel at nature? I do, especially at old trees.

Pausing to Admire the Complex Details of Older Trees

As I was running up a hill, the trees that line the trail caught my eye. With no leaves, you can see all of the characteristics of the trees. The textured bark, the twisted branches, the shadows created from the sun shining through them. They have a story.

I sort of grew up seeing these trees – once the township put a trail in. I was probably a young teenager. The trail goes past a church cemetery. The area is historical.

Definitely cool and worth stopping to admire.

During Fall

Old, Majestic Tree Fell

I was disappointed to see that one of my favorite trees fell. It’s a majestic, old tree. It was dead and weathered down for years, it still stood.

The tree is blocking the trail now, but it appears that people have been hiking around it. I hope that it’s left there and not sawed up.

It’s still majestic in my eyes and I’m glad that I have pictures to remember it from when it stood.

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