Mindfulness Walk Activity

Mindfulness and walking are highly beneficial to your mental health, especially when you do them routinely. Try combining them!

Go on a walk. You can walk inside (yes, it still works) or outside, done alone, while walking the dog, or with another person. – just don’t have a conversation with the other person while doing this activity because it takes away the point.

No headphones with music or audiobooks. Engage your mindfulness skills and enjoy!

A little about mindfulness

Putting mindfulness in action

BE AWARE of what is going on around you physically. Increase your awareness of experience.

PAY ATTENTION by watching, listening and considering the environment. This is what is naturally occurring.

What you see, hear, smell; feeling the ground with your feet as you walk; noticing your breathing; listening to your dog pant; noticing the shadows on the ground; watching the clouds slowly reshape; noticing the texture of the floor; noticing shades of lighting; smell of a candle; ticking of a clock.

REMAIN IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. If you become distracted by thoughts or emotions, accept that you have them, don’t use judgment, and then release them to return to the present moment. You may try to visualize releasing thoughts and emotions. – like the wind blowing them away.

CONSIDER AND BE CURIOUS about the moment and environment in a non-judgmental manner.

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Are you “mind full” or “mindful”?

If you have a rest day, this may be the best time for you to practice mindfulness. You don’t need an hour to practice. Five to ten minutes will be beneficial.

Find a quiet place or somewhere interesting, but free from distractions is the most helpful.

Be curious and non-judgmental of your environment, thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions. Allow them to “be” as they are, not adding to them or taking away from them.

Next, allow them to pass by, like clouds or ocean waves.

Acknowledge how practicing mindfulness makes you feel, and try to carry the benefits of it with you throughout the rest of your day.


“The Earthing Movie is a documentary that reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do… standing barefoot on the earth.”

Have you watched it?

I’ve paused a few trail runs to ground, connect, and feel peace. I place my hands on a tree or rock, instead of removing my shoes. – Though in the summer, I do like doing some shorter runs in sandals. Running in sandals makes it easier.

Want to work together?

If you’re interested in working together on mindset and mental wellness, whether it’s for everyday life, or for endurance racing, contact me. If you need support, just ask. 🙂


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