Strengths and Weaknesses Inventory Worksheet for Athletes

Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50 Miler (2022)

This inventory-like activity can help you know what goals to set. It is good for just getting started in a sport or for someone who is seasoned and needs to reevaluate where they’re at. We can all improve somewhere and this activity provides a little organization to go about that.

Think about your strengths and weaknesses in the following areas and record them in the chart. There are physical and mental categories. For physical weakness, try to avoid talking about your physical appearance. Instead, insert something like, “Improve my upper body strength.” Don’t forget that a weakness may be, “Increase my self-care” or “Take a true rest day on days that I’m supposed to rest.”

While you are writing, notice things like whether you’re being overly critical (negative self-talk) on yourself for weaknesses and needing to identify more strengths. Weaknesses are opportunities for learning and improvement. It’s okay that there’s a list of weaknesses because this shows that you want to grow.

Also, notice your strengths, be proud of what you’re doing well. Lastly, ask yourself, is there a strength that you can use to work on weaker areas?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the areas where you would like to improve?

Slow down and take a breath. It’s okay to list where we’d like to improve. It’s okay that we might have a number of things to work on.

Double check to see if you’re being realistic. Reword or completely remove areas where you’re not being realistic with yourself.

Your goals will have steps to complete them, it’s not a linear, straight forward process. It is a gradual change over time when we are consistent and not overdoing it. Some changes take months to years, don’t give up if it’s something that you truly want. Take on one thing at a time, one step at a time.

You also don’t have to work on everything that you wrote down.

Know that plans change, circumstances change, your body changes, etc… be flexible, understanding and kind with yourself.

You may revisit this activity later in the future to see where you’re at.

Download the Worksheet Below

Hey, endurance athlete!

Reach out to me if you’d like support on addressing specific mindset strengths and weaknesses.

Weaknesses can be stubborn to fix, but let’s see how we can shift them.

Contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.

There are more mindset and mental wellness resources on the blog and under “Mindset and mental health”. These are the sort of things that I work with people on.

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