Self-Care Assessment for Athletes

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Use this assessment to check-in with yourself to see how you’re doing with self-care.

As people who highly identify as runners or athletes, we lean towards thinking about our self-care in main categories, such as, physical exercise, nutrition, and sleep. We miss a few key areas about ourselves, like, psychological/emotional, social, spiritual, and professional (unless you are a professional athlete). We are more than athletes, so we need to take care of our full beings in order to perform how we wish as athletes.

Self-care activities are the things that we do to maintain our mental, physical, spiritual, and professional well-being. You’ll find that many of the activities listed below are ones that you already do in your daily routine.

In this assessment, you will reflect on how well and how frequently you do each of these activities. The goal of this assessment is to help you learn about your self-care needs by spotting patterns and recognizing areas that need more attention.

There are no right or wrong answers. There may be activities on this list that you have no interest in or activities that you can think of that aren’t on this list at all. This list is not comprehensive, but serves as a starting point for thinking about your self-care needs. We all need to improve our self-care.

Download the assessment below.

The English Institute of Sport

This YouTube video on self-care is from the English Institute of sport. In the video, EIS staff and coaches and athletes from the High-Performance System talk about what self-care means to them and why it’s important, not just before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but afterward too. The link is below.

Why Self Care is Important in High Performance Sport ?

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