What will you do today to Finish Stronger?

“Finish Stronger”

It’s one of my daily goals. Finish Stronger comes from having a growth mindset. I aim to finish my day or whatever I have going on stronger than when I started. It allows me strive to do great things without becoming overwhelmed. It navigates me through finding a balance in life and learn how to truly take care of myself, so that I can care for others. It keeps me grounded in the present moment and work towards my goals from there.


This could look like sticking to my race plan so I can cross the finish line feeling really good and proud of my accomplishments.

This could also look like helping a client move to a better place than when the therapy session started.

Another thing it could look like tackling my to-do list, but when I don’t finish everything on it, not being hard on myself. I got done what I could with the time that I had and the circumstances of that day. I deserve rest at the end of the day and I can work more tomorrow.

Finishing each day stronger doesn’t have to be something huge. Aim for the 1% rule. Do something 1% better each day. Make 1% progress on something each day. This really adds up over time.

What will you do today to Finish Stronger?

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What’s “Finish Stronger” mean in Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching?

About Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching: mental wellness for endurance athletes

Thank you, Jaimie for taking this video!

[Story behind the video: My most recent race, Glacier Ridge Trail 50 Miler. It turned out to be a nice day. We had rain all of the previous day and night, rain at race start, and drizzle most of the day. We were under a flood warning because of this. The trail was a mud-fest with sections deep enough that it came up over the shoes. One section around mile 32, which we had to go through twice was flooded. Slow moving water crossed over the trail, up to our shins, forcing us to walk. I stuck to my race plan all day and had fun. Things never go 100% according to plan in ultramarathons. My pace was slower due to the mud, but I didn’t let that get me down, I knew how to navigate that from previous experiences. I Finished Stronger as 3rd Female Overall and 17th Overall. I’m happy and grateful for that day.]

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