“Finish Stronger”

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I came up with the name Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching (I am also the owner of Finish Stronger Counseling) from my experience and passion for running. To “finish stronger” means to end the session better than when it began. Whether it is a race, training session or a mindset coaching session. Think about training for a marathon. During training runs, sometimes the goal is to have negative splits (a steadily increasing pace per mile as the run goes on. Finishing at a faster pace than when you started.) and to push harder as the run progresses. “Hanging on” or maintaining mental toughness for the final stretch is also considered finishing strong. Keep in mind that finishing strong can look different for everyone.

From these experiences, there is opportunity to learn something new about oneself and about running. The runner can gain empowerment, self-confidence and strength. “I can because I did!” “I can do it again.”

If the session didn’t go quite as the runner hoped it would, they may consider the attempt a failure, but there are still things to take away from the experience. The runner has to CHOOSE to have a positive outlook and approach in what they take away from that training session. This bump in the road or “failure” is not an “end all” experience, it does not define the runner. Having that positive outlook and approach leans into the concept of finishing strong. You are better (in a different way than you hoped for) now because of the events you experienced leading up to missing the mark and through the failure itself.

Runners can learn how to adjust and tweak weaker areas and how to challenge themselves more. There is always room for improvement. When practicing pushing beyond the comfort zone, one can begin to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. The runner becomes more familiar with feeling uncomfortable and gets into the habit of finishing strong, which then transfers into other parts of life.

Through having hard work ethic, positive thinking, resilience, growth mindset, and mental strategies, a person may leave their coaching session feeling better, more knowledgeable and well-equipped than when it began.

“Finish stronger” is a mindset and a way of getting the most out of life.

Picture taken going up Mount Whitney Portal during the 2021 Badwater 135

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