What Inspired Me to Become an Endurance Athlete Mindset Coach?

“What inspired you to become an athlete mindset coach?”

This is a question that I get a lot. The first dozen or so times I had to pause and think about it. “Why did I?”


Family, friends, and social media friends and followers would ask questions about wanting to try something new in order to make positive health and lifestyle changes. They wanted to incorporate the things they saw me doing, like running, lifting, hiking, and having a vegan diet. They’d ask how they can get started running? What kinds of running shoes? Where are the best local trails? What races do you recommend? And many more.

I like answering questions and talking about things I’m passionate about. I like listening to other’s experiences and working on understanding them. I like using experience, education and resources to help people problem solve or to point them in the right direction. This is also similar to how I became a professional mental health counselor and decided to open my own private practice, Finish Stronger Counseling.

Pieces came together for me over time. People wanted my support or advice, so they could reach their wellness goals. – I have my education in mental health, and my ultramarathon and fitness background. I’ve been doing these things for several years. I already had Finish Stronger Counseling, so why not start a second business?

I’ve actually had this athlete coaching business in mind for many years, but I wasn’t sure of the framework that I wanted to create. I wasn’t sure how to ethically go about it, following guidelines and laws from the state counseling board, ect. My long-term goal was to combine my two passions, running and mental health.

While taking a continuing education course, I learned about counselors going into coaching on the side. There was my answer! I already knew how to start one business, so I’d open a second and make the dream of combining things I’m passionate about a reality. Having a second business is how I keep what I do ethical and keep clinical work separate from coaching.

Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching is a way that I can make a bigger impact in people’s lives. It has individual sessions, a group bootcamp and a supportive community.

What inspired me to become an endurance athlete mindset coach?

Being able to use my gifts, education, experience, and things I’m passionate about.

Helping people along their journey. People who want to learn, grow, perform better, set and reach goals, form healthier habits, and be held accountable.

Learn more about Finish Stronger Mindset Coaching here

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