Reasons Why I Run: digging deep

As runners, we’re all asked why we run or why we run so much. When we’re on a long run and in the pain cave, we ask ourselves the same questions. – “Aghhh, I’ve been out here for 30 miles and I still have 20 more to go! WHY am I doing this?!” I have a handful of quick comeback answers, but sort of always thought that it would be too complicated or difficult to describe the whys (it’s even harder to explain to people who don’t run). I’ve taken a step back and decided to examine why I run because to me, it’s an important area of my life.

I challenge you to examine why you run and other important areas of your life. Write about them, you will learn so much.

Here’s what I learned:

Reasons why I run: digging deep

▪︎ To see new things

▪︎ To see wild animals

▪︎ Trail porn

▪︎ Connect with the Earth

▪︎ Squish and slosh through mud

▪︎ Running in the rain especially makes you feel like a bada$$

▪︎ Fresh air and sunshine

▪︎ Get a tan

▪︎ Running is basic

▪︎ Born to run

▪︎ Joy and laughter from the ridiculous things that happen on runs

▪︎ Experience adventure

▪︎ Mountain peaks

▪︎ Discover weird and creepy things

▪︎ Because of the wonderful trail and ultra community

▪︎ Fear of missing out

▪︎ Compete with my friends and myself

▪︎ Try new gear and products

▪︎ Fine tune strategies

▪︎ No one cares what you look like

▪︎ Belt buckles

▪︎ Support good causes

▪︎ To be able to pace and crew friends

▪︎ Volunteer

▪︎ Look good naked

▪︎ Physical health

▪︎ Clear my mind

▪︎ To raise awareness for mental health

▪︎ Better my mental health

▪︎ Strengthen my mind

▪︎ Support trails

▪︎ Participate in fantastic races

▪︎ Support RD’s and small businesses

▪︎ To do hard things

▪︎ To prove things to myself

▪︎ Find and push limits

▪︎ Endorphins and runner’s high

▪︎ Self-care

▪︎ Time alone

▪︎ Peace

▪︎ Time to reflect

▪︎ Time of remembrance and gratitude

▪︎ Time to problem solve

▪︎ Forget problems

▪︎ Personal growth

▪︎ Time with God

▪︎ Listen to running podcasts

▪︎ Listen to heavy rock

▪︎ Build strength and endurance

▪︎ To set an example or role model for my children

▪︎ To push the fancy baby jogger

▪︎ To be a role model for younger ladies in the sport

▪︎ Ainsley’s Angels

▪︎ Drink beer

▪︎ Eat a lot of tasty carbs

▪︎ Encourage and inspire others

▪︎ It gives me something to look forward to

▪︎ Short-term and long-term goals

▪︎ There’s always something to work on

▪︎ Achieve dreams

▪︎ Do what seems impossible

▪︎ Boost confidence and self-esteem

▪︎ It’s a lifestyle

▪︎ Maybe a little bit for the torture that you endure during an ultramarathon

▪︎ Finish The World’s Toughest Footrace

I’m sure that this list will grow.

If you’re interested in finding out the benefits of journaling (and downloading free prompts), follow this link to my mental health website

Moraine State Park, PA

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