The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

Eric Deeter is the mind and voice behind The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast. Eric also blogs about topics like ultramarathons, goals, identity, and motivation. We had the opportunity to get together and chat about ultra stories for an hour, I'm sure we could have talked for much longer, as ultrarunners do, but podcast episodes are typically … Continue reading The Ultramarathon Mindset Podcast

Race Crew Life: Laurel Highlands Ultra (2021)

Tribe: Butler County Milers5:30 AM waveStephen reported enjoying the trailUltra Miriam changing her shoesFashion trend: wearing your hat backwardsSeven Springs Mountain ResortSean stopping trafficStephen finished in about 21 hoursMike's finish 5:30 AM Start Crewing Stephen at Laurel Highlands Ultra Solo crewing (due to COVID) was a ton more work than I imagined, as I … Continue reading Race Crew Life: Laurel Highlands Ultra (2021)

When Your Run Coach Texts You

When my run coach, Kyle Kranz, text me one morning "Enjoy the hill workout today! Plugged in three half mile moderate grinds up a good hill, hope you enjoy it :-)" I made sure I got it done and enjoyed it. The workout Run: Strength EnduranceEZ 1-2 miles3 x half mile moderate uphill + jog/walk … Continue reading When Your Run Coach Texts You

Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

Shawn and I got together again to do another Trail Tales: ARP episode! If you've been struggling and dealing with one issue or setback after another, then consider listening to this episode. I share about not fun things that have popped up in my life and how they've impacted my running and racing. - Including … Continue reading Trail Tales: A Running Podcast

Idea for spreading mental health awareness during a race

Runners, here's an idea for spreading mental health awareness during a race: Create and wear a small sign on your pack or clothing that will stir up thought and conversation about mental health. Use a popular hashtag and your social media handle. You could also incorporate a statistic. If you are raising funds, include that. … Continue reading Idea for spreading mental health awareness during a race


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My YouTube channel is full of short clips from running trails and ultramarathons. I also treat the channel like a vlog, sharing about more personal details along the way. "Like" the videos to help other runners find them and "subscribe," so that you can learn about what's going on in my neck of the woods. … Continue reading YouTube

My Loose Guide to Running a Self-Supported Trail 31-50 Miler

You should know what you're getting yourself into, and embrace the fact that you need to expect the unexpected. These are things to consider when preparing for a self-supported 31-50 miler. I covered everything that came to mind and went into a few details. Putting your long run into motion is easier than it appears, … Continue reading My Loose Guide to Running a Self-Supported Trail 31-50 Miler


My Pinterest boards are full of things that you will find helpful: Outdoor adventure information, hiking, trail running, ultra everything; Plants and gardening ideas for bringing the outdoors indoors; Making our outdoor space friendly towards bees, butterflies and other critters; Environmentally friendly; Children's outdoor; Vegan food; Jeep!; Faith; Quotes; Indoor gym; CrossFit; Rock, heavy rock, … Continue reading Pinterest

Ainsley’s Angels of America: rolling with the wind

Not "rolling," the word "flying" is more appropriate when describing what happens during an Ainsley's Angels (AA) race event. Ainsley's Angels is a nonprofit organization, active in 60 cities, 30 states. Their mission: "in addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community … Continue reading Ainsley’s Angels of America: rolling with the wind