Everyday Running Legends and Badwater Month

Everyday Running Legends podcast is based in Melbourne, Australia. The podcast brings runners together as a community and gives them a voice. Runners can connect, share their stories, information, and inspire one another.

Brodie Sharpe

Brodie Sharpe is the founder and host of the podcast. He created it because of his love for running and the success of his Facebook group, The Voice of Melbourne Runners. Branching out from the Facebook group, the podcast was designed to connect runners all over the world. Brodie is also a Physiotherapist and Running Specialist at The Breakthrough Running Clinic. He is passionate about treating runners.

Brodie running the medibank For Better Health Marathon

The podcast episodes cover many topics and stories, just to name a few: First ran aged 55 and now 500 marathons; Becoming an Ironman superstar; 30 marathons in 30 days for Alzheimers research. The stories are interesting and inspiring! It is fun to hear what other runners are achieving.

Brodie set up September as Badwater Month, where he would interview four Badwater runners to learn about the Badwater events and hear the stories of these crazy ultramarathon athletes. He interviewed Telma on her Salton Sea experience and the challenges that occur during the race, like running with a team of three people. Lisa and Mike were interviewed about 135 and the Ultra Cup. My jaw drops every time I hear a 135 story, they are incredible! And I was interviewed on my three years of running Cape Fear.

When I read Brodie’s message asking me if I’d like to be on the show, I was extremely excited because I always wondered what it was like to be a guest on a podcast, it seemed like a lot of fun. And what runner wouldn’t love to talk about running for 40 minutes to the whole world, lol!!! I was also nervous because I would be sharing with many people and talking about the World’s Toughest, Badwater. It was an honor to be invited as a guest. – I want to add that it was an honor that Lisa suggested to Brodie that he interviewed my story. I am passionate about Badwater and what it stands for, and I’ll admit that I have a crazy story about running while pregnant.

Post interview

Brodie asked me very good questions, from about what the race was like, how training went, what the biggest challenge was, and about my pregnancy during the 2019 race. His final question is always what tip would you give a runner to help them get through the last 10% of their race.

My tip

I had a great experience being interviewed, though I was nervous. I would totally participate in another interview, practice makes perfect, right? I look forward to sharing more about running with people all over the world. It was wonderful meeting Brodie and connecting with him. Check out Everyday Running Legends podcast!

You can follow Brodie on Twitter Brodie Sharpe (@BrodieSharpe): https://twitter.com/BrodieSharpe?s=09

Instagram https://instagram.com/brodie.sharpe?igshid=1fo9bm69pxeur

He also has a blog https://breakthroughrunning.com.au/blog/

You can follow me on Twitter be.short.run.ultra (@be_short): https://twitter.com/be_short?s=09

Instagram instagram.com/be.short.run.ultra

Have an awesome day, happy running!

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