JFK 50 Miler Front Runners 2021

Clips of this year’s fastest runners, plus Adam Peterman and Sarah Cummings’ post race interviews.

My husband and I decided that our family needed a getaway and read that the elite field for JFK this year was stacked. Boonsboro, MD is a few hours away from us, the perfect distance for a day trip.

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More about the Nation’s Oldest Ultramarathon

JFK 50 Miler Race Details

Run Signup Race Results

The JFK 50 Miler was my first ultramarathon (2016). It was fun returning to the race as a spectator and bringing up old memories. It’s incredible to think back to when we first start something, to see where it has taken us, and what it has brought into our lives. Ultrarunning has given me so much, I am truly blessed through it.

Visit my JFK race report here.

My finisher photo. I was so happy, I almost cried.

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