Part of My Self-Care or Injury Prevention Routine: using Prevail Botanicals CBD salve and other products on my ankle

In this video, I share about the care I’ve been giving my wonky ankle that I rolled badly while racing at Laurel Highlands in 2020. The roll happened early in the race, before the first aid station, as I was running downhill. My left foot landed on the edge of a rock that I didn’t notice. I heard and felt the damage as I almost fell over. At the first aid station, I was checked over and continued the race at a much slower pace. My race ended at mile 56-ish, as I missed the cutoff time. I use Prevail Botanicals CBD salve, Epsom salt, and occasionally KT Tape support. When I was in the thick of the six month recovery, I used Sleeve Stars ankle support, which help me rebuild my ankle and trail running confidence (product links below).

At this point, I’ve been using Prevail Botanicals for a few years and it has been good to me. Maybe it could help you, as well. There is a CBD salve and oil tincture. The salve has helped my sore muscles feel better after races, and areas that hurt a little or are feeling tight (which usually means that it’s time to visit my chiropractor). The oil tincture helps me ease some stress, headaches and anxiety.

It’s been a few years since rolling my ankle and I’ve recovered very well. These products have played a big role in my injury recovery and prevention over the years. I will definitely continue to use them.

If you’d like to try any Prevail products to see how they might help you, use my code: SHANNON20

If you want to read more on what I have to say about Prevail, here’s my review

Links to the other products mentioned (not promoting, just showing people what I like)

SaltWorks Epsom Salt

KT Tape (will not stick after applying the salve. You have to wait for full absorption.)

Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace Support

With all that said, and there being so many ways to recover, what’s your go-to self-care or injury prevention routine? Share it with me and other readers in the comments.

Read my Laurel Highlands Ultra race report here if you’re interested

Happy running!

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