Better Than Coffee Bars Review


These. bars. are. GOOD… when I was asked if I would like to be a BTC bar athlete I was like, “Yes!!” I have found function in these unique bars, which go hand-in-hand with my active lifestyle. I use them a few times per week and have been nomming up this product for close to a year. As an ambassador athlete, I only promote products that I truly like, find helpful, find value in, and respect the company and people behind it. This company puts in a lot of effort into making their bars high-quality and continues to improve them over time. – I actually got to participate in sampling new recipes and provide feedback, it was very cool. The recipes turned out great… I don’t want to give away any details.

Dark Chocolate Cranberry. Dark Chocolate Coconut. Dark Chocolate Mint. French Roast.

I love that these bars are made up of all-natural ingredients and that they are VEGAN. The packaging is easy to read, it contains allergy information. Unfortunately, there are many people who have allergies to food, these bars are clearly marked! The bars are high quality and the caffeine is smooth, with no “crash” once it wears off.

Sample Box

My vegan diet is important to me, and so is the proper fueling for prevailing in training, racing and recovery. BTC bars are a part of my fueling, providing me with energy and a few calories from high quality ingredients. My favorite things about the bars are that there are different flavor options (I can choose based upon what I’m craving), they are GMO free, and of course, the natural CAFFEINE. I mostly use the BTC bars pre-workout. As I get in the mindset of ‘time to grind,’ I eat half a bar. The caffeine kicks in decently fast, at least for me. I don’t find the bars too heavy in my stomach to give a strong effort. During the workout, I have the other half. The bars provide a nice boost during cross-training (CrossFit is my go-to), but also mid trail run. Trail running is demanding on the body and requires proper fueling when pushing long distances. I do recommend having them with other trail foods during long runs and hikes, just to make sure the body is receiving adequate calories. BTC bars also come in handy while traveling to and from training events.

Adventure ready
North Country Trail, PA
Beep, beep. It’s a Jeep!

There are days where I think BTC saves me from crashing or napping when I don’t want to. Half of a bar gives me enough energy to make it to the gym and I’ll either eat it as I go (depending on the workout) or I’ll finish it on the drive home. Getting the energy to hit the gym is crucial, a bar makes getting in a workout easier, which is key because sometimes the battle is finding motivation to step out the door.

During my pregnancy, I consumed BTC, in moderation, and with doctor approval. I opted for either one bar per day, usually around the time to exercise or half a bar per day, so I could enjoy half a cup of coffee when I woke up in the morning. I was approved 100 mg of caffeine a day.

Post CrossFit feels (and baby bump)
Jogger Miles

If you want to try out these awesome functional bars, use my athlete code: ShannonMick15
This code is good for a 15% discount on your order.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I know who to ask.

BTC bars website:

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Happy running!

Time to get to work.

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